Tim Moder

What she told me was the earth was flat
and that there were no planets in an orbit
around stars in any sky that could be seen by others.

I could tell that there was something happening
in the sky, in the morning.

What she told me was not to worry
that flowers often pollinate without the help of bees
and besides there are no hives, or petals for that matter.

But I have touched something as I lay beneath
a day moon that pulled both tide and blood
and felt the sting of a papery wing.

I have regressed from a position of logic
having read encyclopedias,
having heard the eyewitness account.

This is how explorers died as they failed to decipher
the distance between land and land before the stars were fixed
in the sky above the flattened earth
and there were no return voyages.

This is how the apple felt when gravity was talked out of the sky.

Tim Moder is an indigenous poet living in Northern Wisconsin. He is an occasional member of the Lake Superior Writers Group. By day he is a manager at a medical records company. He is currently working on his first book of poems.

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