Denton Loving

Needleless, the beetle-eaten pine stood
through its last snow but fell in seedtime winds.

The weary vixen moved her three fox kits
into the old groundhog hole behind the barn.
Yesterday, they wrestled in weak afternoon heat.

Days ago, the Christmas kitten climbed up
the walnut but was afraid to climb back down.
Today, she killed a baby grey squirrel.

                    Death, even in spring.

Another frost is sure to fall, maybe more than one,
but the apples bloom. Dogwoods and redbuds too.

Denton Loving is the author of the poetry collection Crimes Against Birds (Main Street Rag) and editor of Seeking Its Own Level, an Anthology of Writings about Water (MotesBooks). His writing has appeared in numerous journals including Iron Horse Literary Review, Kenyon Review, The Chattahoochee Review, and The Threepenny Review.

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