Brianne Griffith

Sometimes I don't
believe I exist until someone calls me beautiful. — Hieu Minh Nguyen

& sometimes I feel that in my chest the way
mouthwash burns your gums.

At McBride Park alone after closing,
I run my fingers over

Yinz er fucked

carved into a bench—

then I think, I'mma snort lines
off the top of this blue slide
until I feel

like the golden buzzer
on America's Got Talent,

confetti falling in slow motion,
sticking to sweaty body parts,

& honestly I don't need shit from anyone,
'cause it's 55° in Pittsburgh,

& I'm wearing my favorite hoodie,

& I'm layin' in the grass even though
it's kinda wet,

& I know there are people who look at me & see
anything but beautiful,

but fuck 'em. I'm high,
& I've got shit to do tomorrow.

Bri Griffith earned a BA in creative writing from Carlow University in 2018. Her work has appeared in Glass Mountain, Columbia Poetry Review, Small Orange, Alien Magazine, and elsewhere. She's a current MFA candidate in poetry and instructor at Florida International University where she's also the Nonfiction Editor for Gulf Stream Magazine.

Follow @brigriffith on Twitter and Instagram.

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