Jaden Gongaware

the sky is the void   clouds specked

black with birds      the sky makes wind & blue
or gray
    the sky calls time on days
you want to be alive the most.
   I'm sick
of the same music I listen to
because of nostalgia
            it grows on me like shelf
            the ash trees in Pennsylvania
are all gone.            It's only natural to crash
under pressure
the shoreline is a restless
      the sky can't hold

anything            the sky is telling us heaven isn't here

the sky is asking if it's morning yet

if we made it through to morning yet

Jaden Gongaware is a second year MFA student studying at Florida International University. She graduated from Carlow University in 2019 where she joined the Madwomen in the Attic and served as open mic emcee for the Red Dog Reading Series. Last semester, she served as the Poetry Editor for Gulf Stream Magazine. She currently teaches Writing and Rhetoric to undergraduates and lives in Hollywood, FL. By next year, she hopes to have completed her thesis.

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