Double Golden Shovel: The Vagina Monologues "The Flood" & Cardi B's "WAP"

Jaden Gongaware

Wet lips in winter, you shouldn't lick them, you'll dry up like a plum, & I love you—
ass, thigh, sweat, thigh, flesh in soft secret heat. Some parts of me I know, some I just don't.
Pussy willow cattails gush today on the marsh bank & we tell the sun exactly what we want,
bring a rulebook everywhere we go—don't get [lips, wood tables, Gremlins] wet. To
bucket flood water is to kiss futility & we've been breathing through the reeds. Go
& dive down there sounds like a dare. Don't even [name it, forget lick & pleasure]. Go down,
a mop of algae blooming on the surface, swim in the wet sweet of what's down there.

Jaden Gongaware is a second year MFA student studying at Florida International University. She graduated from Carlow University in 2019 where she joined the Madwomen in the Attic and served as open mic emcee for the Red Dog Reading Series. Last semester, she served as the Poetry Editor for Gulf Stream Magazine. She currently teaches Writing and Rhetoric to undergraduates and lives in Hollywood, FL. By next year, she hopes to have completed her thesis.

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