Alexandra Watson

                    After Ross Gay

No one knew or at least
I didn't know
they knew
what the figure four
might mean
in terms of relief
belief in rotation
coaxing the coxa
its complex mechanics
sending an inhale
to the hinges
like the door
of my childhood room
so swollen
from summers
it won't fit its frame
unless oiled
in synovia
in a pigeon pose
or cobra
filling the chalice
giving the chair
the cold pelvis
for this union of ilium
and pubis
ain't made for sittin'
not these palpable
bony domes
carved in the negative space of thigh
connected by thin necks of bone
prone to fracture
like my grandmother's last fall
before rehab
which shattered her faith
in age
and before my mother
had arthritis
a replacement
an elective surgery
put on hold
which means mine
are destined for degradation
I'm telling you this
as I sit at my desk
hunched over
with legs crossed
listening to the hips
sing their deep thirst.

Alexandra Watson is a mixed race writer from Syracuse, NY. She is the Executive Editor of Apogee Journal, a publication providing a platform for underrepresented artists and writers. She is a full-time Lecturer in the First-Year Writing program at Barnard College. Her fiction, poetry, and interviews have appeared or are forthcoming in The Bennington Review, Yes, Poetry, Nat. Brut., Breadcrumbs Magazine, Redivider, PANK, Lit Hub, and Apogee. She's the recipient of the 2019 PEN/Nora Magid Prize for Literary Magazine editing. Find her at alexandrawatson.net. or on Twitter @watsonlexis.

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