Taunja Thomson

Genie lamps surround her.

Invisible to others, they burn
magenta & indigo & sepia
to her    pulsing to a beat
only she can hear.

What shall she wish for?

          Music behind her eyes
          butterflies in her knees
                    on a winter's day
          a rain rhythm warm on her back
                    on brittle afternoons

She wishes for the language of seagulls
          who fly away
          leaving waterfalls
          in their wake.

t.m. thomson's work has most recently appeared in The West Trade Review and Borrowed Solace and mutiny! magazine and will be featured in upcoming issues of The Voices Project and The Blue Ash Review. Three of her poems have been nominated for Pushcart Awards: "Seahorse and Moon" in 2005, "I Walked Out in January" in 2016, and "Strum and Lull" in 2018. She has co-authored Frame and Mount the Sky, a chapbook of ekphrastic poetry (2017) and is author of Strum and Lull (2019) and The Profusion (2019). She has a writer's page at

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