G. Hanlon

In love I'm that record they sent out
into space in 1977 in the Voyager
to tempt extraterrestrials.
Sprouting music and the sound of whales
and tropical chatter, a red and yellow halo
ripping around my body, flaming
notes springing from every meridian
a tiny heart tattooed at my third eye
and a search light spinning over my crown.

G. Hanlon's poetry has appeared in Kenyon Review, Ploughshares, Adroit Review, Cincinnati Review, Cutbank Online, Iowa Review, SIFT (a chapbook), and elsewhere. She's been shortlisted for the Iowa Review Award (2013) and CutBank's Goedicke Prize (2017), and long-listed for CutBank's Chapbook Prize (2020), Tomaz Salamun Prize at VERSE (2015) and OSU's The Journal Wheeler Prize (2018), among others.

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