Kim Rose

I lower myself onto him, flinch
like entering a cold lake.
The affair is a tight shoe,
but we crave distraction.

We are drawn to distraction:
What to do when you're bored?
Sometimes we pretend we're strangers,
someone new in the bed.

Inevitably, the bed gets crowded.
all our histories compete for covers.
Once, I bought a penny with a heart cut out.
It cost me too much, but it makes me remember.

I will remember him like that, a small-
change investment, a copper keepsake.
He brings my favorite flowers only once.
Without gifts, words seem inconsequential.

Words have no consequence
when the body is derelict.
We always sit touching
as if we're still in love.

I lower myself, shiver
and enter the lake.

Kim Rose grew up just outside London, influenced by a traditional British education heavy on literature and language as well as her parents' diverse musical tastes. She lives in Gainesville, Florida, where she works in strategic communications for the University of Florida and also sings with a band. She's had poems appear in print in the Bacopa Literary Review and online at Burrow Press.


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