H. Louve

On the same day that two earthquakes struck Southern California, my sister’s rapist texted her “Happy birthday.”

After the earthquake
my family inquired:
we were fine.

Then again,
same day,
they inquired:
we were fine.

That night
my sister
told me
she was not.

I shook

slammed fists
into femurs

shook nail crescent pools
into palms

shook the earth
to rage gulp
him whole

until my imagination
killed him seven ways

until my exhales
labored my inhales

until I shook
to repeat
my shaking
in a sweat

I shook
that night

three earthquakes
ours strongest.

H. Louve is a feminist scholar, poet, and activist based out of Los Angeles. Her critical work is on rape and rape culture to show how objectification is a form of dismemberment. Her poetry also grapples with rape. In short, she's very interested in rape. While not smashing the patriarchy, she can be found cuddled up with her partner and their majestic cats, being bendy in yoga, or hiking at golden hour.

Twitter handle: @hlouvehowls

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