Carly T. Flynn

Love, keep me awake at night.
Shake the sheets or steal the covers.

My mind is reaching a place it can grow
no farther out, no deeper down.

My head is heavy on the pillow. Carry me
like a seed again toward a hotel bed

where we first used the "do not disturb"
and grew into each other like honeysuckle.

In my dreams, we eat the fruit from our wedding
and sip from our stolen champagne.

We dress in the costume of nuptials,
promising to share a bed and bury one or

the other. With this vow came a crack in my
skull—a kick in my nerves. Some vine

has wrapped around my bones and circled
my spinal cord. It is reaching out for you again.

Carly T. Flynn is a Pacific University MFA grad living just outside of New Orleans with her family. Since graduating, she's been published in Ponder Review, Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review, Cagibi Journal, Down to the Dark River: Anthology of Poems About the Mississippi River, Ever Eden, and more. She's also presented her work national conferences. She works as a teacher, content writer, and youth minister.

Follow her on Instagram: @ctflynn

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