Nolan Meditz

If I were to measure
the rhythm of this place,

its every color and vein-
systole, diastole in quick
succession, beats piling up

like cupules of acorns
thrown laughingly from
the paws of squirrels
onto the heads of oblivious

neighbors or passersby-I
could spot the reflection
of my own eye in a wind-ripple
across a driveway puddle,
could run to the corner lot

and back, could trace
the dissipation of clouds
hours after steady rain.
It would pace my breathing,
the closing and unfolding of a fist,
the slow blinks just before

sleeping. Were I to envision
the rate at which life courses
through you, I would watch
the motes of dust that tumble
between your loose fingers
twisting against the sunlight beaming
through the bedroom window.

I would hold my ear to your chest,
exhale, and cease counting.

Born and raised on Long Island, Nolan Meditz received their MFA from Hofstra University in 2014. In 2018, they received my Ph.D. from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Their poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in Digging through the Fat, deLuge Journal, Marathon Literary Review, The Ekphrastic Review, and other publications. They currently live and teach in Weatherford, OK.

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