Anders Howerton

how this fine temperature
makes the day. let god in.
let god out. can do this too.
and too, this, on the dog's schedule
do. in addition the world
runs wild, survives all of us
apart, sacked and skin-partitioned.
banksy just tweeted sunset
from Mars, and it feels like
sometimes I sit and repeat
the names of Polish poets
who lived in both the second
world war and in my lifetime.
cobalt mining cobalt blue,
like winter, I have always
felt that way. not since been
in that place before, where the room
is full yet fully empty,
and the noises bandy on and on
a mind scrimmage. Always
litanies in, litanies out.

Anders Howerton is a transgender poet and software engineer living in Oakland, California. He has a master's in poetry from the University of East Anglia. Find him on twitter @and_ers_.

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